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Jabba the Hutt Hot Wheels Character Car on for $1.25

May 24, 2017

Even though I don’t particularly like die-cast cars, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the Jabba the Hutt Character Car by Hot Wheels. While I didn’t make special trips to search for it, every time I was in a store that carried the Star Wars Hot Wheels cars, I made a point to check whether they had a Jabba, and I literally never found one after months of looking. It seems that for whatever reason, the Jabba car was mostly relegated to discount stores (and also to Canadian retailers, it seems).

So when I saw that (a site that primarily sells off surplus products that didn’t sell at normal retailers) was selling this and other Star Wars cars for just $1.25, I had to buy… a few. Of note, the ones I got from Hollar were all the original artwork, instead of the alternative artwork found on the one in the center of the photo above. (Check my post about these cars for more info about these versions and a look at the original artwork for the product.) Also related: the two-pack with Han in Carbonite and Jabba.

By the way, Hollar is also the only place I know of that currently sells the Jabba the Hutt plush bag clip I posted about a while back. They are still available as of this writing.

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