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Sterling Silver Jabba the Hutt Earring by Justin Davis Jewelry

February 23, 2017


I recently made a YouTube video about Jabba the Hutt-related jewelry, but at the time I had no idea that this item even existed. But it turns out that Japanese company Justin Davis Jewelry has been selling a line of Star Wars jewelry for more than a year. It’s fairly extensive and ranges in price from around $150 for a small ring or single earring like this to nearly $25,000 (!) for a diamond-encrusted Stormtrooper ring.

I don’t know how long they’ve been selling this particular item, though, since it doesn’t seem to be featured in any of the news articles or releases about the line. In any case, this is a sterling silver Jabba the Hutt earring, and I believe this is the only Jabba earring to ever have an official release. I ordered one as soon as I found out about it (and when I learned that they have an official English site that allows you to order from overseas without going through some sort of exporter).


When it arrived, I couldn’t believe how large and heavy the box was. That’s because inside was the large and very fancy presentation box you see above. Turn it around and you can see the words “May the force be with you” on a section that slides out toward you.


Slide that out and you are greeted with the familiar phase “Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”


This is a paper sheath that covers the actual gift box that the item comes in, which you can see below. All of this packaging is kind of extreme for such a tiny item, but that’s not unusual for Japanese companies. They even included a plastic bag from the shop so I could get the whole shopping experience. 😀


The earring itself is quite small, but also incredibly detailed. It’s hard to convey this in images that are blown up to many times original size, but in person it looks very impressive.


I think they did an excellent Job sculpting Jabba — especially if you take the size into account.


The earring is shaped so that Jabba’s tail curves under your earlobe if you were to actually wear it. I think that’s a cool touch. While I do have some old piercings that have now closed up, I don’t plan to wear this. But I am very happy to have it in my collection. I also made a video about this item that shows it and the packaging in some more detail, which you can see below.

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