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Upcoming: Jabba the Hutt Coin Purse by Loungefly

September 15, 2016


In my recent post about an SDCC-exclusive button from Loungefly, I jokingly asked if Loungefly would be adding some Jabba items to its very impressive line of Star Wars merchandise. I don’t think I can take any credit for it, but I’m happy to report that they will be adding at least one item: the coin purse pictured above. I was tipped off by Jenmarie (@acrossthestars on Twitter) that this item will be appearing in October. I will seriously be buying at least a couple of these. I literally never use cash anymore, but when I travel to Japan it’s still necessary to carry coins around, so it’ll come in handy for sure. It’s probably too much to ask that they make an entire backpack, but I’ll put that idea out there just in case…

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  1. September 15, 2016 4:38 am

    That is very cool and quite intricate. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like in hand.

    I noticed that they have a Millennium Falcon coin purse as well, so i definitely will be picking up one of those.

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