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Link: “Skull Wars” on Kickstarter (3D-Printed Skulls of Star Wars Characters)

May 27, 2016


3DKitbash has created quite a few high-quality designs for 3D-printed toys and sculptures, including a whole range of creature skulls in their “Boneheads” series. And I just discovered that they have started a Kickstarter project to combine this concept with Star Wars. Called “Skull Wars,” it’s a series of 15 skulls from the Star Wars universe. They’re divided into 5 sets of 3 skulls, as shown below. They use clever code names (well, except for “Sand Person”) but I’ve put the actual character or creature after the name in parentheses.


  • Set 1: 001 Green Master (Yoda), 002 Sand Person (Tusken Raider), 003 Second Shooter (Greedo)
  • Set 2: 004 Sleeping Bag (Tauntaun), 005 Space Yeti (Wampa), 006 Lizard Hunter (Bossk)
  • Set 3: 007 Dog Man (Gamorrean Guard), 008 Majordomo (Bib Fortuna), 009 Monkey Lizard (Salacious Crumb)
  • Set 4: 010 Pit Beast (Rancor), 011 Space Bear (Ewok), 012 Trap Spotter (Admiral Ackbar)
  • Set 5: 013 Speed Racer (Sebulba), 014 Creepy Cloner (Taun We/Kaminoan), 015 Accident Prone? (Jar Jar)


If you back the project, you can decide to buy physical versions of  some or all of the skulls that will be 3D printed and sent to you, or you can choose to just get 3D models that you can print on your own. The prices range from $20 for one physical skull to $275 for all of them (plus $5 shipping). Or if you just want the 3D models to print on your own, they range from $25 for a set of 3 to $110 for all 15. I wouldn’t call these prices cheap, but they will be using an SLS printer to print the skulls, which is higher quality that you typically get with a home 3D printer.


I backed at the $50 level because I wanted the 3D models for sets 3 and 4. The prices for the 3D models in particular might be a hard sell to some, since the 3D printing community has a strong open source streak, and many people are accustomed to designs being free. Still, I don’t mind paying for high quality designs, and these are right up my alley in terms of source material. And the big advantage of getting the 3D models is that you can print these at any size your printer will allow, so I plan to print these at a much larger size than the 2″ wide ones that they will be creating. If you’re interested, there’s only 7 days left in the project, and as of this writing they haven’t yet reached their goal of $20,000 so I suggest you give it a look.


I have asked about whether they would consider making a Jabba skull (although whether Hutts have skeletons in the first place is definitely open to discussion…), so we’ll see.

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