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3D Printed Jabba the Hutt Figure for Disney Infinity 3.0

April 26, 2016


I recently bought a 3D printer (a Dremel 3D Idea Builder), so I decided to start a feature on my YouTube channel that will cover 3D printing as it relates to Star Wars. Items that are directly related to Jabba will probably also be posted here, while more general projects will only be on the YouTube channel.


The first major project I undertook was printing this figure of Jabba from Disney Infinity 3.0. Even though Jabba does make an appearance in the game, and actually has a fairly large presence as a quest-giver, he will never be a player character and so won’t have a figure made for him. That’s why I was so excited to find this model over on Thingiverse. I couldn’t tell what it was at first, since the example model was so small and printed in translucent plastic, but it soon became obvious that it was from Disney Infinity 3.0 — probably extracted directly from the game, rather than created separately to resemble the character from the game.


When I printed out the model, though, it was very faceted and computerized looking. That’s kind of cool, but isn’t really what the character looks like in the game. So I decided to try and smooth out the facets using a program called MeshMixer. It turned out to be not terribly difficult, and I was left with a nice smooth model that I could print (you can download my version on Thingiverse as well).


I also printed the throne, which is available along with the first version above:


The model had the rings in the gargoyles’ mouths, but they didn’t print well and broke off very easily, so I replaced them with metal rings. Here it is painted.


I’m really quite happy with how this figure turned out. I have pretty much all of the Star Wars figures from Disney Infinity 3.0, since I really like them just as figures separate from the game, and now I can have a model of Jabba from the game as well. It’s pretty amazing to be able to hold something physical from a game like this.

Here’s the video I made about this figure:

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