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Rancor, Jedi Luke and Slave Oola Funko POP! Set (Previews Exclusive) (With YouTube Unboxing/Review!)

March 19, 2016


I posted about the Walmart-exclusive Jabba’s Palace set of Funko POP! figures a few months ago. That set included a large Jabba figure, a sitting Slave Leia figure and a Salacious Crumb figure. This one seems to be intended as a companion set to that one, and is a Previews Exclusive (so it’s available through online toy stores, comic shops, and the like. It includes a large Rancor figure, a Jedi Luke figure (with bone) and an Oola figure and retails for around $40.


As you can see, the heads on my Luke and Oola figures are kind of wonky, and I didn’t have much luck correcting this. I may try some more drastic like putting something inside the head to correct the angle later.


The rancor is very large and heavy. He’s smaller than Jabba (which really doesn’t make sense) but he’s a lot heavier because he’s not hollow.


The bobblehead looks a little weird from the side. I also noticed that they didn’t paint the earring. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be painted, but it would definitely look nicer with a little gold paint on there.


Similarly, the shackle would look better with a metallic color rather than this glossy black, in my opinion. The rest of the paint is well done though.


This Luke is distinct from the previously released version (which you can see here). That one had a black glove on his right hand and wasn’t wearing the vest. And of course it didn’t have the bone from the rancor pit that we have on this one.


Oola is well sculpted, but the wonkiness of her head is a little off-putting. She’s also way too top-heavy to stand on her own. Below you can see a shot of all of my Jabba-related Funko POP! figures.


I also made a fairly in-depth video review of the set, which you can see below.

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  1. MartinF permalink
    May 16, 2016 8:33 pm

    Ree Yees is a Walgreen’s exclusive.

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