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Vegetarian Jabba the Hutt Shepherd’s Pie (Inspired by Yukitchen)

February 14, 2016


I recently saw on Twitter that Yuki over at had posted a very intriguing kind of Jabba the Hutt shepherd’s pie. On her website she specializes in making food that’s both cute and heathy, so Jabba is naturally a perfect fit! 😀 My wife has been making kyaraben (boxed lunches in the shape of various characters) for our son to take to school for a while now, so I figured we had to give this a try too. As you probably know, a shepherd’s pie is generally mashed potatoes over a filling made of meat and vegetables. I’m a vegetarian, so we stuck with the vegan recipe she posted, but I did mix mashed carrots and green peppers into the potatoes to get Jabba’s coloring.


The details are added using nori (dried seaweed) that you cut up and attach with tweezers. It’s a bit fiddly. My wife has been doing this for a while, but it was my first time. Still, I think it turned out relatively well.


And we all thought it was quite tasty! The kids actually asked for seconds.


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