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“Jabba Claus Experiment” Christmas Card by Hallmark

January 17, 2016


I realize I haven’t been posting much recently, and in fact I have a backlog of items that I need to put up on the site. I mostly blame the holidays and Fallout 4 — I’m only just starting to get back to my regular routine after beating the game twice. I’m hoping to be posting more regularly from now on.

First I want to put up one seasonal item that I didn’t get a chance to post about before Christmas: this Christmas card. This is actually the only commercially available Christmas card that I know of that features Jabba. I bought a box of 12 of these cards on eBay, so I’m not positive where they were sold, but my hunch is that it was at Walmart stores.

On the front, it says “The Jabba Claus Experiment: The First and Final Year” and inside the card it reads, “Squeeze in all the holiday fun you can!”


This card also made an appearance in a Youtube video I made about my LucasArts/Lucas Licensing Christmas cards featuring Jabba, which you can see below.

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