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More Petco Star Wars! (Jabba the Hutt Chew Toy, Han in Carbonite Dog/Cat Toys)

September 29, 2015


I wouldn’t have thought when I first posted about Petco’s line of Star Wars products two years ago that they would be doing well enough to come out with even more merchandise at this point, but here we are. In the past, I’ve posted about their very nice Jabba the Hutt dog toy (with lots of squeakers!) as well as a Jabba the Hutt dog toy that could easily pass as a plush toy for kids. But the item above is more of a chew toy that you might use to play tug-of-war with your dog. It’s cute, although not my favorite of Petco’s offerings. They have a whole line of different characters in this style — even a wampa!

While I was browsing the Petco site, I couldn’t help but pick up two Han in Carbonite toys. The first one below is for cats and has material inside that makes a crinkly noise.


The mouse doesn’t come out, even though it looks like it might.


Lookit that face!

The other one is for dogs and is more of a traditional rubber squeaky dog toy.


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