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Galactic Connexions Trading Discs by Topps (Jabba the Hutt and Friends)

September 21, 2015

The Jabba discs are all distinct variations, if you look closely.

These “Galactic Connexions” discs just appeared on Force Friday, and are exclusive to Walmart stores (and Walmart apparently gave out some introductory packs on Force Friday, although I didn’t get one. Basically, they’re hexagonal plastic discs similar in size and feel to poker chips. They’ve got a nice weight and thickness to them. You can collect them, or also play a game with them a bit like dominos (or Sky Stones if you’re a Skylanders player). I did buy a couple of packs to see what they were like, but didn’t get any Jabbas — I had to resort to eBay to get the ones you see here.


The included instructions say there are 75 characters to collect, but the Topps website says there are 86. Either way, that’s a lot, and it includes characters from the original trilogy, the prequels and The Force Awakens. There is apparently a starter pack that includes 14 discs and a play mat that retails for $9.98, but the only ones I’ve ever seen in stores are the booster packs of 5 discs for $3.98. The thing about these is that there is an astronomical number of variations available for each character. Check out the key below. If I understand it correctly, every character is available in 9 basic variations, which are combinations of disc color and sticker type (regular, foil, or patterned foil). Plus there are at least 4 possible “ultra rare” disc colors for each character, which also have one of the three sticker types on them (so 12 more variations). The “battle damaged” “Slave 1” “Imperial Red” and “Solid Gold” variations are only available for certain characters, so if we’re just thinking about Jabba they wouldn’t apply. With 7 different disc colors and 3 possible sticker types, I think that’s 21 possible variations for Jabba alone (although math is not my strong suit…) They say there are “hundreds of combinations,” but my rough estimate is that a totally complete set (all 86 characters in all variations) would be around 2000 discs. Crazy!


Since these are blind bagged, just collecting all of the variations on a single character would be totally impossible without eBay, and nearly impossible even with it. I don’t plan to try. I think frankly Topps has overreached with this product. If there were only one disc for each character, or if there were only a handful of variations for Jabba, I might have tried to get a complete set, or at least get all the Jabba versions. But it would cost me hundreds just to collect the Jabba variations.

The details are a bit unclear even in the rules on the Topps website, but the “solid gold” Slave Leia disc is apparently actually made of solid gold and is a prize in a contest they’re running (although it seems that they don’t actually include the discs in the packages — rather you get a white disc that can be redeemed for the gold one. But they also mention some kind of room makeover prize in the rules, so frankly I’m confused by the whole thing.

Here are scans of the Game Rules & Checklist included with my booster packs (click to enlarge).



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  1. May 23, 2017 3:51 pm

    Topps just sent me a bunch of these (the common ones) which puzzled me. I assumed they were for me to sign and return, but I had not made any contractual agreement, so contacted my agent, who emailed Topps. Apparently they had surplus, so sent me some as a gift! Nice giveaways for conventions, I guess.

    • mightyjabba permalink*
      May 24, 2017 2:06 am

      Interesting! They would be a nice little giveaway.

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