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Japanese Bikkuriman Sticker (Jabba the Hutt) by Lotte

July 26, 2015


Bikkuriman is a kind of wafer sandwich with chocolate cream in the middle. They’ve traditionally had some sort of collectible sticker included with each wafer, but just recently they launched a line of Star Wars stickers. There are 24 characters in the first set (which is all original trilogy characters) and I believe there will be the same number in the set of prequel characters that will be releasing a bit later. You can see all of the stickers here, or check the YouTube video below to see what the packaging and wafer look like (it’s not mine — I had to just get the sticker by itself on eBay). I like the art style — they’re all very polished, and of course it’s artwork that was created just for these stickers, which is great. They’re pretty big at around 2 inches square, and they have a sort of metallic rainbow effect to them.

The back of the sticker reads:

Lotte Episode IV/V/VI Collectors Sticker No.14

Jabba the Hutt

Head of a gigantic intergalactic crime syndicate, Jabba rules the Tatooine underworld with a personality that is greedy and cruel, fearless and barbaric.

Star Wars Rumors

Many bounty hunters and scoundrels come to the Hutt crime lord looking for work.

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