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Disney Star Wars Weekends 2015 Vinylmation Jabba the Hutt (3″ Version)

July 17, 2015


Disney’s Vinylmation vinyl figures have apparently been quite successful. Even if you just look at the Star Wars series, they have released an impressive number of figures, now including two Jabba figures. The first was a “jumbo” 12-inch version released during Star Wars Weekends 2013. I complained at the time that making Jabba a jumbo figure seemed a little odd. While you do expect Jabba to be bigger than a normal humanoid, he positively towered over all the other figures in the range. In 2014 they released a jumbo Rancor Monster, which was a bit better choice for the larger format, while also making a set of sorts with the jumbo Jabba.

But now I’m happy to say that in Series 5 they have released Jabba in the standard 3″ size, allowing him to fit in with a display of the other figures. As you can see below, there are some differences in the designs.


The “feet” on the jumbo version are painted to look like the front of Jabba’s throne, which I thought was a nice touch. On the smaller figure, it’s just an extension of his stomach. Also, the “ears” have difference designs. The jumbo version has the archway above his throne and some shuttered windows. The smaller version just has a vaguely sandy looking design. I guess maybe it’s supposed to be the horizon on Tatooine? I wonder if there are any more Jabba’s palace characters on the horizon.

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