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Celebration Anaheim-Exclusive Javva the Hutt Merchandise (Mug, Travel Mug, Patch)

May 7, 2015


As I mentioned in a post about a t-shirt I made almost exactly 5 years ago today, Javva the Hutt is the in-house coffeeshop at Industrial Light & Magic. While they did have some t-shirts (and possibly some other things?) available to people visiting the shop, they were not available to the general public, so if you wanted any you had to hope that someone would sell some on eBay. But that all changed with Celebration Anaheim, where people could buy a number of items featuring the “Javva the Hutt” logo. One of these was a t-shirt, but I was unable to get one. It was very similar to the one I already had, though, so I can live without that one for now (it retailed for $25).


I did get the other items, though, starting with the mug above, which is quite nice. It has the “Javva the Hutt” logo on one side and the Celebration Anaheim logo on the other, and seems to be a pretty high quality product. It sold for $12, which isn’t too bad. I was not so pleased with the travel mug version, however.


I was expecting a hard plastic travel mug, but it’s actually covered in a squishy material like you might find on a “koozie” (one of my least favorite product names ever). The hard parts of the mug seem to be made of very cheap and lightweight plastic, giving the whole thing a rather nasty feel, especially since at $15 it’s more expensive than the nice mug. Also, the logo on the side looks terrible, like it was printed an a cheap inkjet printer with the wrong settings.


Finally, there’s a patch of the Javva the Hutt logo, which sold for $8. I’m not sure I entirely get the appeal of patches, since absolutely nobody ever seems to use them for their original purpose. They’ve become collectibles in and of themselves, like pins. This one’s not bad — it looks nicer in real life than in this photo. It’s around 4 inches wide.


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