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Target-Exclusive Fillable “Countdown to Christmas” Ornaments by Hallmark

December 27, 2014


Speaking of Christmas, Target was recently selling a set of 25 fillable Star Wars ornaments. They’re fairly large, sort of capsule-shaped and made of metal. They open up, allowing you to put something small inside, so you can use them as an advent calendar of sorts. They’re even numbered from 1-25 on their backs. (Above you can also see the “At Jabba’s Mercy” Hallmark ornament from last year.)


Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about these until they were sold out at my store. Target doesn’t sell them online, so getting them would mean paying scalper’s prices on eBay. I decided to just buy the three Jabba’s Palace-related ones: Jabba, the Rancor and Boba Fett. But I like them well enough that I’m seriously considering getting the full set if I can find a good price. Here’s another shot of the Jabba one on its own. It’s really quite good looking.


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