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Jabba the Hutt InkFusion Lite Case for iPhone 6 Plus by

December 14, 2014


Apologies for the lack of updates lately. A combination of a bad cold and a large project for work left me with very little energy to do anything else, but I’m getting back to normal now, and I do have a number of things in the pipeline for you.

The first is this iPhone case. It’s essentially a “print to order” product that sells in various forms for a huge variety of phones and other devices. Now, I don’t generally like wearing my fandom on my sleeve. For example, I have a lot of t-shirts with Jabba on them, but I don’t generally wear them or anything else with Star Wars on it. And I’ve never really wanted to have a Star Wars phone case — in fact, I rarely use cases of any kind. But this one changed my mind. I’ve been wanting something that makes the phone a bit less slippery and offers a little protection against dings, without making it feel bigger than it already is. The “InkFusion Lite” case fit the bill. It’s a very thin shell case that probably would provide very limited protection in the event of a drop, but that’s not why I’m using it.


They have a number of licensed Star Wars designs, but for the most part they’re not great. Most of the photos are from the prequels, and they have a lot of Yoda, Vader and clones but hardly any of the other characters. But they do have this great shot of Jabba. Depending on the device you order it for, you may get the whole image (like for a laptop skin or iPad case), but for a phone you just get Jabba’s face and part of his torso. The cool thing is that because of the way the picture is composed, when I’m holding phone normally, you can still see Jabba peeking over my hand:


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