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Disney Empire Strikes Back Figurine Playset

November 10, 2014


I posted about the Return of the Jedi version of this set a while back, but for some reason it took quite a while for the Empire version to become available. It’s got several figures that could work in a Jabba display (Boba Fett, Han in Carbonite, and R2-D2 specifically). At $12.95 (or $10 apiece if you buy two during Disney’s current sale), they’re a real steal.


I mentioned in my entry on the Jedi set that several of the pieces appeared to have been based on Attakus statues. I can’t really say the same for these. It’s difficult to tell with things like Han in Carbonite or R2-D2, but the other ones don’t seem to match Attakus statues even though Attakus did do versions of those characters. X-Wing Luke looks the closest, but it’s actually quite different in the details.

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