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Jabba the Hutt Soap (Based On Vintage Kenner Jabba the Hutt Figure)

September 20, 2014


I have some vintage Gamorrean Guard soap, but I’ve always wanted Jabba-shaped soap of some kind. I never expected it would be like this, though! I got these from Etsy seller NerdySoap, who has a variety of soaps in the shape of characters from Star Wars and other properties. Many of them were made with the silicone molds that Kotobukiya put out, but some are based on toys. In this case, they obviously made a mold from the vintage Jabba the Hutt figure. One very cool thing about these soaps is that you can choose the color and scent you want, and there are a LOT of choices! It was rather hard to choose, but in the end I went with one pink with cherry scent, one white with coconut scent, and one green with jasmine scent. They come nicely wrapped as you can see below, and each of them also included a small Han in Carbonite soap, as well as some bonus soaps like a Millennium Falcon. Nice!


The detail on these is really pretty impressive, considering that they’re soap. Pretty much all of the detail from the vintage figure is there although of course it’s all one solid piece and the bottom is completely flat. These are shipped from Poland and two of the Jabbas’ tails ended up breaking on the trip to me. However, they sent replacements free of charge, which I was grateful for. I wasn’t planning to use these as actual soap — they’re more for display — so having them intact was important to me. They probably weigh about three times as much as the actual vintage figure, since they’re solid blocks of soap.

jabba_soaps2 jabba_soaps3jabba_soaps6

I used one of the broken Jabbas to see what it would be like to use these as soap. It’s huge for a bar of soap, but it actually works pretty well. The coloring in the soap gives the water and foam a slight green tinge, and the detail actually seems to stay for quite a while after you start using it.


I also got a couple of small soaps based on a small unlicensed Jabba toy from Episode One.


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