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Mexican POTF2 Jabba the Hutt & Han Solo (with Gold Sticker)

August 28, 2014


Even though this is my least favorite Jabba figure (by a considerable margin), I have quite a number of these because of all of the variations they made. I’ve talked about the regular American release, the rarer variant box, the Japanese version, and two European versions in the past. This one is the Mexican version, but it actually uses the same box as the variant version. You can tell because Han on the back is looking down toward Jabba — they changed this photo in the later, more common version. For the Mexican version, they pasted some Spanish language stickers on it, which is pretty similar to what they did for the Japanese version. There’s a strip at the bottom of the box, and a gold foil “Edicio Especial” (“Special Edition”) sticker. It integrates pretty well with the box design, so you might not notice that it’s a sticker if you just glanced at it. There’s also a sticker on the back that has some information about the distributor and importer, etc.


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