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More Wooden Figures by John Soukup (New Jabba the Hutt, Amanaman and Boba Fett)

April 23, 2014


I’ve posted multiple times about artist John Soukup’s line of wooden figures (see here and here) and I’m back with more. I like adding new characters to my Jabba’s palace display, and he’s made several versions of Jabba that are quite different as well. This Jabba has much larger, almost anime-style eyes, but I think he may be my favorite yet. Boba Fett was of course a natural addition to go with Han in Carbonite.


The last new figure, Amanaman, is different in that he was originally “carded.” John painted a card for him using an old Attack of the Clones-era cardback, but the bubble came off in shipping. I don’t really mind, though, since I probably prefer to be able to display him with my other figures.


I think it’s quite a nice version of the character.


Here are all of the figures I have. Click for a larger view. I normally have them displayed a bit differently than this, but this arrangement lets you see most of each figure. I’m considering asking John if he could make a throne for Jabba…


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