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Hallmark Star Wars Party Cup with Jabba the Hutt, Han in Carbonite and Boba Fett

March 28, 2014


Hallmark makes these kinds of cups for a variety of properties, including Star Wars, but in the past I had only seen ones with some relatively ordinary artwork on them (and no Jabba). But this new series features original stylized artwork reminiscent of Hasbro’s old Mighty Muggs.


This particular cup has a pretty cool rendition of Jabba, Han in Carbonite and Boba Fett, while some of the others have other major Star Wars characters (see here for the whole lineup — it’s nice to see that they’re all original trilogy characters). I haven’t seen these in stores yet. They should cost around $0.99 apiece but I had to pay a bit of a premium to get them on eBay. They’re somewhere in between disposable cups and proper plastic cups. The plastic is certainly thick enough to stand up to washing and reuse, but they’re still a bit on the flimsy side.


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