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Happy White Day! (with Belated Valentine’s Day Items)

March 14, 2014


White Day is a holiday that was made up by Japanese retailers as a companion to Valentine’s Day. In Japan, it is generally the females who give gifts to the males (often handmade chocolates and the like). On White Day, which comes one month after Valentine’s, the men give a gift in return. Often it’s something white like marshmallows or white chocolate, or even lingerie. Why am I telling you all this? Because I didn’t get a chance to post on Valentine’s Day, and I also found some cool stuff on clearance. 😀


The first of these is the book you see above — “A Very Vader Valentine’s Day” by Scholastic. It features a lot of great art by Katie Cook, and includes not only a bunch of Star Wars Valentines, but also some jokes and other activities.


The Jabba-themed card is adorable, although it took me a second to understand the pun. Maybe it’s because around our house this is something that might be said literally. 😀 “Hey kids! Stop playing games with my hutt!” There’s 36 removable cards, and I think each design is used twice, so that’s 18 unique Valentines. Pretty good value, and most of them are cute and funny.


There’s also this short description of Jabba and Salacious Crumb:


I got this book at 50% off at Barnes & Noble, although I ended up getting two because I liked it so much. I also found this set of Hallmark LEGO Star Wars Valentines at Target:


This is definitely feels cheaper, but then again the retail price was less than half of the book. It comes with 32 Valentines, but only 4 unique designs + a teacher card.


The main reason I got it was that it also came with a sheet of stickers that had Jabba and several other related characters on it. They’re roughly postage stamp size.


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