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Black Series 6″ Boba Fett Figure by Hasbro

November 26, 2013


I posted about the Black Series Slave Leia figure yesterday, and concluded that it was a little disappointing in terms of its paint job and use of soft goods. This Boba Fett figure, on the other hand, is extremely impressive and is a great argument for the entire line of 6″ figures.


Boba Fett as a character has so much going on with his costume that it really shines in the larger scale, compared with a character like Leia. They’ve made things like his gauntlets and kneepads separate pieces, which adds to the sense of realism versus smaller figures that have everything just sculpted on as a single piece. Of course, you can tell by the color of those gauntlets (green rather than red) that this is the Empire Strikes Back version of the character. Still, I don’t think Jabba fans should really care too much about the distinction, since Fett was working for Jabba even in Empire and would’ve been around the palace wearing this version of the armor as well, even if it wasn’t on screen.


6 inches is really a nice size. The traditional 3 3/4″ figures are great in the sense that they make it possible to make things like vehicles and playlets (and having a large number of characters in a small space), but when compared with a 6″ figure they seem quite tiny and lacking in detail. Below is a shot of it next to the Vintage Collection Boba Fett figure (which I realize now I haven’t posted about here). That’s also a nice figure, but it just looks puny compared to the Black Series Fett, and the level of detail and paintwork is quite different as well. My only real knock against the Black version is that the antenna is one solid piece with the helmet, while on the smaller figure you can put it down into “range finder” position. Seems like a strange omission for the larger, more expensive figure.


The articulation is pretty good, although I couldn’t make him hold his rifle in one hand with the barrel pointing vertically toward the sky. That’s the kind of pose you’d be able to get with a 1/6 scale figure, but on this one the elbow wouldn’t bend enough. Other than that, though, I’m quite impressed with this version of Fett and may actually think about collecting the 6″ line in general if they stay at this level.


This is the normal retail version with Fett by himself, but Hasbro also released an SDCC-exclusive version of this figure that came with a Han in Carbonite figure (and that set is currently going for astronomical amounts on the secondary market). But from what I hear, the Han in Carbonite figure is probably going to be available in some other form later on. Maybe even in a Jabba’s Palace set? We can hope!

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