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Jabba’s Palace Star Tots Background by Jason Peltz

September 29, 2013


Jason Peltz is the artist who designed the background art used on the Star Tots cardbacks. He also made a couple of prints that are in scale with the Star Tots and can be used as display backgrounds for them. Aside from this Jabba’s Palace print, he also made a Cantina version. At around 5″ by 20″, they’re kind of small and oddly sized, but the art is nice and colorful and they roll out flat without too much trouble — a plus if you want to use them as a background for your tots.


I don’t think I will be actually displaying the tots on the background since that would mean not being able to see the nice artwork on their cardbacks, and I’m also not sure how one would go about making a permanent display like that. Would you frame the tots along with the print?


Here’s the tots on top of the print. Be sure to click for a larger version. The print costs $40 shipped and can be purchased by contacting Jason directly via his website.


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