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Custom Power of the Force 2 Jabba the Hutt Figure

September 11, 2013


Pretty much all of the repaints and custom figures I’ve posted about here are my own, but I thought I’d make an exception in this case. I don’t know who made this, but I recently got it in a lot of Hasbro figures that also included the resin sculpture of Ephant Mon that I posted about recently. The maker of this figure presumably had feelings about the POTF2 Jabba the Hutt figure that were similar to my own. It’s too green and can’t turn its tail to the side, which is a problem if you want to put him on a throne. They’ve solved the first problem by repainting him in a color that I can only assume is meant to match the vintage Jabba figure. I’m not sure that going all green or all tan is really a good solution, but I like that it’s an homage to the original figure.


I’ve repainted the POTF2 Jabba figure myself, and also modified it so that it can turn its tail to the side, so I know that it’s not an easy task. You pretty much have to completely destroy the inner mechanism to allow the head to turn freely. The creator of this figure went one step further by resculpting the tail significantly. It’s a bit rough, but I think it’s a good effort. They even used epoxy putty to add a thinner tip to the tail, which was always much too stubby on this figure. It does look rather turd-like however…


You can get a better sense for what this entailed by looking at the bottom of the figure. It’s pretty rough under there, but you can see where they used plastic card to cover up some of the holes. Of course the sad thing is that even with these improvements, the vintage figure still looks much better, but there’s only so much you can do when you’re starting out with something like the POTF2 Jabba.


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  1. The o' powerful Jabba permalink
    October 7, 2014 8:51 pm

    Pretty cool looking. This person turned a crummy figure into something very unique and benign. Whoever made this needs a pat on the back.

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