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Vintage Japanese Return of the Jedi Stickers (From “Screen” Magazine)

August 15, 2013


As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a Japanese translator and have spent quite a while in Japan, so whenever I see a Jabba collectible related to Japan it sparks my interest. I don’t recall ever having seen vintage Japanese stickers like this (or “seals” as they would call them). I like that they have all of the names in Japanese.


These were not sold as a separate product, but were rather included with the September 1983 issue of “Screen” magazine as a sort of bonus. I don’t have the actual magazine, but I did dig up an image of the cover, and there’s a mention of the stickers right there on the far right. (The girl on the cover is none other than a young Sophie Marceau. I guess she was somewhat famous in Japan for her role in “La boum” and “La boum 2.”)

It’s kind of funny that they give you duplicates of several of the stickers in different sizes. It’s also very heavy on the ewoks…

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