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Jumbo Kenner Vintage “Power of the Force” Yak Face Figure by Gentle Giant (SDCC Exclusive)

August 3, 2013


I hadn’t intended to rejoin Gentle Giant’s Premier Guild this year, since none of the bonus items you could choose from really appealed to me that much. But when this guy was announced as an SDCC exclusive, it seemed that the only way I could get one for a reasonable price would be to join the club. I didn’t want a repeat of what happened a while back with the Yak Face mini-bust. I didn’t join the club then, thinking I could probably get it secondhand for less sometime down the line, but I ended up spending a lot more to get it later.

I wasn’t too pleased, then, when I discovered that Action Figure Express was selling these figures at normal price without the need for a PGM membership. I guess they bought up what was left over after SDCC (they also have a number of Gentle Giant’s other exclusives for sale). But it just seems wrong you can’t buy these at Gentle Giant’s own site (even with a PGM membership at this point, since they’re listed as “sold out”), but AFX apparently has 170 of them (as of this writing) available to the general public.


Aside from that, it’s a well made figure. Some of Gentle Giant’s jumbo figures have come out looking a little odd for one reason or another, but this is a pretty good rendition of the vintage Yak Face figure. The colors look more or less right, although the head and hands on the jumbo figure are a bit lighter than on my actual vintage figure. I did find the staff rather difficult to get into his hand.


Like the Jumbo Power of the Force Gamorrean Guard figure, this comes with a metal coin. It feels good in the hand, with a nice heft to it.


On the back of the package, you can see the other jumbo figures they’ve made (“Collect all 41!” is a nice touch.) I’ll have to admit that I never in a million years thought that this line of jumbo figures would make it this far. I have some hope that they may in fact reproduce the entire vintage range, which would be pretty cool. They have announced that they will be releasing a Wampa (which promises to be huge), so I’m really hoping that they will also do a vintage JabbaMax Rebo Band, or even a Rancor!


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  1. August 3, 2013 4:14 pm

    there is also a Trilogo variant of this figure that was exclusive to Celebration Europe II in Germany. Without coin & staff and of course with different packaging.

  2. WampaVsRancor permalink
    August 5, 2013 5:28 pm

    I’ve owned a few of these myself (Vader, Stormtrooper and the POTF Gammy), but I ended up selling them. They just take up so much room on the card, and I could never get them all, so I sold them.

    I’ll definitely be getting the Wampa though, and I may end up collecting all the Hoth specific figures (Snowtrooper, AT-AT Driver, Hoth Luke and Han). I’m wondering how they’ll package the Wampa, if we’ll get a huge blister card or if they’ll package it in a box like the vintage Wampa. Either way it’ll be enormous, I think the Wampa itself is around 20″.

    I’d absolutely buy a jumbo Rancor as well!

    • icruise permalink*
      August 5, 2013 5:34 pm

      I have 3 so far (Yak Face, Gamorrean and C-3PO) and I like them pretty well, but you’re certainly right about them taking up a lot of room. They look nice out of the package as well, but you’re kind of missing out on a large part of their appeal that way.

      I can’t imagine that they would put the Wampa on a card. Just using a box like the vintage figure would be more accurate and easier.

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