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Alex Pardee’s “Bunnywith Affinity for Slave Women” Figures (SDCC Exclusive)

July 26, 2013


I hadn’t heard about Alex Pardee’s Bunnywith series before finding out about these figures, but I think they’re brilliant. Pardee is an artist who (among other things) has a comic series called Bunnywith, upon which a number of toys have been created, including these SDCC exclusives. Bunnywith is supposedly an acronym for “Based Upon Nearly Nothing, You Will Indulge in These Hares.” This and the “flesh” color they’ve used makes them very reminiscent of the M.U.S.C.L.E figures I had as a kid, and a look at the other figures in the series seems to bear that impression out. The figures themselves are sculpted by George Gaspar, based on this artwork of Pardee’s. How awesome is the puff ball at the end of his tail?


The figures came in “flesh” and white colors, and are around 4 inches wide. This may not sound very big, but in-hand they’re quite a bit larger than I had expected. They’re made of a semi-hard plastic and cost $12 apiece at SDCC. Naturally, I had to pay more to get them on eBay, although with only 100 of each figure made, I feel kind of lucky to have gotten them at all.



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  1. July 27, 2013 4:51 am

    Cute. I love the little bunny tale on the tip. Nice find, icruise.

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