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Sy Snootles Mini-Bust by Gentle Giant (Max Rebo Band)

July 24, 2013


The first thing I said when I opened Sy Snootles’ box was, “Wow!” There’s a lot of detail here and the paint is also detailed and skillfully applied. It’s also a fairly large bust due to the pose and the inclusion of a (partial) microphone.


I have no earthly idea why George Lucas thought it was necessary to replace the original puppet with a CGI abomination in his “Special Edition” of Return of the Jedi, but thankfully we have the original version here. Pretty, isn’t she?


One thing that made me laugh out loud was the gun in her waistband. I never noticed that before, and I’m not sure if it’s a detail that was actually in the movie or not. It appears to be the same long-barreled pistol that Princess Leia used in A New Hope — I guess it’s the “ladies’ model?” The funny thing is that since the prop was based on a real pistol, it uses what is essentially an unmodified pistol grip, and since the long barrel is mostly hidden by her dress, it looks like she has a 20th century firearm. She’s packin’ heat!


Here’s a shot of her with Droopy McCool. I think once Max Rebo comes out, it’ll be a pretty impressive display. Below you can see them in my display case with the rest of my Jabba-related busts. I’m running out of room!


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