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Anti-Gravity Balls by Uncle Milton (Jabba the Hutt & Slave Leia)

July 21, 2013


My family and I stopped by Toys R Us yesterday, mostly to do a little scouting around for my son’s upcoming birthday. But when I was there, I found that they had these “Anti-Gravity Balls” on clearance. I don’t recall ever seeing them in person before. I looked through the characters, thinking it would be nice if they had a Jabba, but I vaguely remembered my friend Rodders writing about these last year and didn’t recall there being a Jabba, so I didn’t really expect there to be one. But after looking through stacks of these in three different sections of the store, I was surprised and happy to find that they did indeed have a Jabba and Slave Leia, plus some other related characters like Boushh and Han in Carbonite.


Each pack has one large and one small ball, with 12 different pairs to choose from. They’re sold under Uncle Milton’s “Star Wars Science” line, but to call these educational toys is a bit laughable. They’re just “super balls.” There’s a little clear plastic insert in the package that you can use to as a stand for your balls, so you can display them without them rolling all over the place. I thought that was a nice touch. These were originally $4.99 at TRU, but on clearance they ended up being a bit over $2 a pack, which isn’t too bad.


Here are some of the others that I picked up. By the way, Rodders, I got the pack with the Millennium Falcon in it if you want it. πŸ™‚





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  1. July 21, 2013 12:50 pm

    Thanks MightyJabba, I haven’t seen these over here yet so this is a nice surprise. πŸ™‚

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