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Disney Star Wars Weekends 2013 Thermal Detonator “Hot Potato” Game

June 12, 2013


Yet another Star Wars Weekends exclusive is this “hot potato” game shaped like a thermal detonator. The idea is that you pass it from person to person until it “explodes,” with the person holding it at that point being the loser. It’s rather light and plasticky, but otherwise looks pretty good. I could imagine someone repainting this and using it as the basis for a prop replica.


There are two modes. One is the normal game mode, where it counts down for a random amount of time and then plays the “explosion” sound effect. After this, a random clip from a Star Wars character is played. Jabba’s laughter is in the video below, but there are a variety of characters from both the prequels and original trilogy.

There’s also a “movie” mode, which allows you to use it more or less as it was used in the movie. Sliding back the trigger starts the countdown, but it doesn’t actually explode:

Overall, it’s a fun little toy. Maybe a little expensive at $24.95, but given its nature as an exclusive it’s not too bad.

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