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JABBA (Japan Basketball Association) Pin

May 25, 2013


Okay, strictly speaking this is not actually a Jabba the Hutt item. But I’ve come across pins and other items from JABBA (the Japan Basketball Association) many times over the years, and thought it would be interesting to have something from them. As a Jabba the Hutt fan who also happens to be a Japanese translator, having a pin with both “JABBA” and the Japanese flag on it seemed rather appropriate. (I joked to my wife that this item combined two of my favorite things — basketball and pins.) I don’t know how old this pin is, but it does seem to have some age to it. JABBA has been around since 1930, so it could be fairly old.

Speaking of Japan, I will be there for most of the month of June, so as usual I’ll be keeping an eye out for any interesting Jabba items, but I didn’t have very good luck last time. Still, I do plan to take my son to Tokyo Disneyland for a day, and they’ve only just opened their new “Star Tours: The Adventure Continues” attraction. Apparently there is some new Disney/Star Wars mashup merchandise available there, so it’s possible there might be something related to Jabba.

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