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Link: Jabba the Hutt-Shaped Cut of Meat & Lemon on eBay

April 20, 2013


In the latest installment of strange things vaguely resembling Jabba the Hutt that people are trying to sell on eBay, we have a cut of meat and a large lemon. And no, they’re not from the same seller.

The auction for the meat is coming from Australia and reads:

A piece of slow roasted scotch fillet that has an uncanny resemblance to Jabba the hutt here is your chance to own a one of a kind unique piece of memorabilia. Dimensions 3cm x 2cm 3mm thick Happy bidding good luck.

Tempting… But it does at least bear a very mild resemblance to a grinning Jabba. As for the lemon, the seller writes:

Large 5″x4″ 3.5″ diameter Bright Yellow CRAZY DEFORMED LEMON!

This thing is bizzar!! Looks a bit like Jabba the Hutt, or some Fat Alien-Like Sea Creature.
About the size of a heart, and looks like a FREAK HEART TOO.

Very Clean and Hard, Thick Skinned. Smells Great Check it out! And Enjoy

It is a rather large and misshapen lemon to be sure, but I think any connection to Jabba is only in the seller’s mind.

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