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Return of the Jedi Movie Poster Timepiece (Wristwatch) by Hope

March 2, 2013


I never knew these existed until a few days ago, but in the late 90s the company Hope came out with three watches based on classic Star Wars posters. This one is based on the Return of the Jedi poster that I recently used as the basis for a LEGO-ized poster in my “Jabba’s Palace Cinema.” It comes with a plastic display case in the shape of the Death Star (although they chose to make it a gold or bronze color for some reason) and a Topps “collector card.”


Interestingly, they decided to put the logo of the film on the watch face and use the poster art on the watch band. You can see Vader, Jabba, a Gamorrean Guard, Bib Fortuna, Han Solo, Luke, Slave Leia, Lando and Wicket here, all in a row. It’s an interesting effect, but I certainly wouldn’t want to wear it.

rotj_poster_watch6 rotj_poster_watch7

Despite them calling it a “timepiece” and playing up the “limited edition collector’s item” aspect, it really feels quite cheap. The band is plastic and I found that the glass on mine was cracked even though it had apparently never been removed from the package. Luckily, I won it for $0.99 on eBay, so I’m not overly upset about it.


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