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How to Create a Jabba the Hutt Mii (For Nintendo Wii or 3DS)

January 24, 2013


I got a 3DS XL (the bigger version of the 3DS) for Christmas, and it’s a pretty good system that improves on the original DS in a number of ways. The 3D aspect is interesting, but most games wouldn’t be much different without it. One thing I like is that you can now create Miis (avatars) on the system, just like you can on the Wii. I haven’t really made any Miis since getting the Wii originally, and it’s kind of fun. You are really quite limited in the options available, so making a Mii that looks like a particular person or character can be challenging, but that’s sort of part of the fun.

For Jabba, you need to get a creative. (Full disclosure: when making this I took some hints from various other versions of Jabba Miis I found on Google.) Instead of just using the stock eyes, noses and mouths, you need to substitute some parts for others. Jabba’s chin is actually a large nose, moved down to the bottom of his face. His nose is actually a set of eyebrows, and the mouth was made bigger with a mustache. I used some glasses to give the impression that he has big round eyes. The hairstyle helps create the illusion that he has a triangular head like Jabba. And finally, I added a mole around the location where Jabba actually has a mole or other growth.

While you can control the height and stockiness of the character’s body and choose a color for its shirt, you can’t change its basic shape. That makes the illusion a bit less effective when you see the full-body:


Still, I kind of like having a Jabba living in my 3DS. 🙂

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