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News: LEGO Rancor Pit Appearing in Stores + New LEGO Sail Barge for 2013?

December 14, 2012


Although not really expected until 2013, the LEGO Rancor Pit (Set 75005) has actually started appearing in a few stores (this photo was posted on a LEGO forum). I probably wouldn’t head out looking for it just yet, but this is encouraging. It looks like it will be around $60 (the price tag in the photo appears to read $54.99).

In other exciting news, there will also apparently be a new LEGO Sail Barge set coming out in 2013 (it will apparently be set 75020). I’m extremely excited about this — at least if it’s significantly different from the set that was released in 2006, and it’s hard to imagine that it wouldn’t be.

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