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Leia Organa “Boushh” Metal Model by Knight Models

December 1, 2012


I’ve posted about Knight Models several times in the past. The Spanish company put out a nice (if very expensive) Jabba the Hutt model kit (which I have painted) and I also have their Gamorrean Guard model (which I haven’t painted yet). Looking at their site now doesn’t show any indication of Star Wars models, so I’m thinking that they no longer have the license. That’s a little too bad, since I was hoping they might put out some more Jabba’s Palace characters.


I had been waiting to pick up a few of their other models like Boushh and Boba Fett, but supply seems to be drying up so I went ahead and bought Boushh here for around retail, which is a little over $40. That’s pretty expensive for a model this size (around 2.5″ tall when assembled). As you can see above, she comes with some alternate parts, allowing you to show her with her helmet off and in her left hand (which is what I chose) or with her helmet on and holding the thermal detonator in her left hand. I thought I might paint up the additional helmet and just place it on the floor next to Jabba’s throne.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was completely made of metal, unlike Jabba and the Gamorrean, which were largely resin. They’re supposed to be the same scale, but Leia seems a little undersized compared to the Gamorrean (although Carrie Fisher is admittedly not very tall). I suppose her being so much smaller was what made it possible for her to be all in metal.


Below you can see how Knight Models painted her. I don’t have much time for painting recently, so I have no idea when I will get to it.


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