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Pepsi Jabba the Hutt Magnet from ampm Convenience Stores (Thailand)

November 28, 2012

This baseball card-sized magnet was given out by ampm convenience stores in Thailand during the release of the Phantom Menace. It’s in a plastic bag with a cardboard backer, which is the part that has the actual Thai script and ampm logo. I’ll have to say, I’ve never heard the Pepsi slogan “Ask For More” before, but maybe that’s because I was living in Japan at the time. Pepsi has certainly had deep ties with Star Wars over the years. Some other Pepsi-related items in my collection include a Jabba the Hutt Pepsi can, Japanese Jabba the Hutt bottle topper (as well as the exclusive set of bottle toppers), and most recently, the Japanese super deformed Jabba figure from Panson Works.

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