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Original Jabba the Hutt Drawing Used in Gag! Magazine by Randy Martinez

November 24, 2012

This pen-and-ink drawing was done by Randy Martinez for Gag! Magazine in 2007.  I have a couple other pieces from Randy in my collection. The first is a great full color Jabba piece I commissioned several years ago, and the other is a sketch card. I think that Randy is one of the most talented artists currently working in pop culture themes, and in fact he did a lot of the official art that they used for Star Wars Celebration VI in Florida.

Gag! Magazine was apparently trying to be a slightly more risqué version of Mad Magazine. From what I can tell they only made a couple of issues, three years apart and both called “issue #1.” Overall, the magazine itself wasn’t great (I don’t really understand why they put black & white photo sets of swimsuit models in between the comics, for example) but it did have a good Mad Magazine-style parody of The Revenge of the Sith, drawn by Randy Martinez. The drawing above is from a second section called “If Star Wars Characters Appeared In Reality TV Shows.” Here it is in the magazine:

I grew up reading Mad (and to a lesser extent, Cracked), so it’s cool to get some art of Jabba in the same caricature style that you see in those magazines. The original is 9″ x 12″, although it’s only about 3.5″ x 4.5″ in the magazine.

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