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“Jabba Connect Four” Print by Greg Ham

November 14, 2012

In this print by Greg Ham, we see Jabba emerging victorious in a spirited game of Connect Four with Slave Leia. Greg says on the product page that imagines that Jabba the Hutt passed the time playing board games with his slaves. I love that mental picture. (Coincidentally, I learned a few days ago that the game Connect Four is a “solved game” meaning that, in this case, the player who goes first will always win as long as they don’t make any mistakes. Maybe Jabba knew this and was just toying with Leia…)

I can’t look at this image and not imagine Jabba crying out “I win!” like the kids always did in the TV commercials for games like this:

I had seen this image somewhere before, but I hadn’t realized it was available as a print until it popped up on Etsy. It’s only a 5×7, but the price is quite reasonable.

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