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Jabba the Hutt Jack O’Lantern by Me

October 21, 2012

I’ve already posted about my Bib Fortuna and Rancor pumpkins this year, but here’s the big guy. As I mentioned earlier, I tried carving a Jabba pumpkin a couple of years ago using a rotary tool, but I like this 3D sculpting method a lot better. It is pretty time consuming, but I’m already getting pretty good results after only a handful of pumpkins.

This is actually my second try at a 3D Jabba pumpkin. The first just didn’t come out right at all, and looked more like a frog than Jabba. I think there’s plenty of room for improvement with this one as well, but at least he’s recognizable. The eyes in particular can be tricky.

I may try a couple of more characters if I have the time. A Salacious Crumb would seem like a natural.

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  1. October 22, 2012 5:37 am

    Looks superb.

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