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“Fluffy Adorables” (Unlicensed Puffy Stickers of Star Wars Bookmarks)

October 5, 2012

I think these stickers are just fascinating. Obviously, they are unlicensed stickers from Taiwan, and they look old enough to be from the vintage era, although there are no dates on them. The “Fluffy Adorables” label is presumably just a generic one that the company used for all of their puffy stickers. The art on the stickers themselves is stolen from the vintage Return of the Jedi bookmarks by Random House. They’re pretty small (about 1.5 inches long each) and the artwork is pretty muddy and hard to see. And of course, poor Admiral Ackbar is almost entirely hidden under the label. 😀

These remind me of the other set of unlicensed puffy stickers I have, but at least those had original art (of a sort).

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