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Holographic Fighter Pods Jabba the Hutt by Hasbro

September 17, 2012

I posted about the Jabba the Hutt Fighter Pod earlier this year, and now some new Fighter Pods figures are appearing in stores. Among them are “hologram” versions of the figures they’ve made before, this time in a translucent material. The good guys are in blue and the bad guys in red, although I don’t recall any holograms being red in Star Wars.

I’m not a big fan of this kind of release. It seems lazy to me, since they don’t have to make a new sculpt or even paint it. I’m also not sure if “holographic” versions of the figures really adds much in terms of play value. This Jabba looks a LOT like a fruit snack, by the way.

In other Fighter Pods-related news, according to the Fighter Pods Facebook page, they are going to be releasing some Target-exclusive pods in the US on October 1st, and among them will be a Ziro the Hutt figure. There’s almost nothing in terms of Ziro-related merchandise, so this is kind of interesting. From what I can see, it looks to be just a simple repaint of the Jabba figure, though. In any case it does seem like they’re continuing to release these, so they must be having some success. I’ll be picking up the Jabba-related ones for a little display. I’ve already seen a Boushh.

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