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Celebration VI Exclusive Gamorrean Guard Piggy Bank by Think Geek

September 2, 2012

This is another Celebration VI exclusive, apparently made by Think Geek, although it’s not mentioned on their site in any way that I can see. It’s apparently made of ceramic and is freaking huge! For some reason I had assumed it would be a relatively small bank, but it’s more than 10″ tall and 11″ deep, and fairly heavy.

It’s a cute concept, but the execution is a little rough. It may be hard to tell from these photos, but many of the lines are wavy and vary in thickness, which makes it look a bit more like an art project than a commercial product. The paint seems a little tacky (sticky), and there are big rough patches on the tops of both of the ears, which makes me think that they stacked them up on top of each other in the factory at some point. Still, it looks pretty good from a distance.

Many of the “Gamorrean-like” aspects are actually sculpted, so it’s not like they just painted up an existing bank to look like a Gamorrean, which is good. As you might expect, there’s a slot in the top and a stopper in the bottom that would allow you to remove any change you put inside. I may be a Jabba collector, but I’ve pretty much got every Gamorrean Guard product ever made as well, so I was happy to get one of these.

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