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Attakus R2-D2 Statue

August 24, 2012

This is another one of those Attakus statues that isn’t exactly part of their Jabba’s Palace line, but can certainly be pressed into service in an Attakus Jabba display. True, it’s not the drink-serving R2 from Jabba’s sail barge, but R2 also appeared like this in the palace. While Attakus statues in general have come down in price quite a bit in the last few years, the Attakus R2-D2 has done a bit better job of holding its value.

They added some weathering to his body, but I would say it’s only partially successful. In the right light it can look pretty good, but some of it looks more like R2’s been eating Cheetos. Still, the paint overall is quite good, without too much slop (although there is a little). The blue paint looks to be around the right shade, but is lacking the metallic quality that it should have. The silver parts also look more like silver paint (which they are) than metal.

R2 purists might have something to say about the shape of the dome, or some of the minor details on his body. Some people take this stuff very seriously. But it looks good enough to me (much better, in fact, than the Attakus C-3PO’s face, which has always seemed off to me). Because of the shape of their bases, you can’t really get the droids any closer to each other than this, which is a bit of a shame, but possibly unavoidable, short of using a combined base like Sideshow is using for their droids PF.

Overall, I’d say this R2 is quite well done, and is one of a surprisingly small number of R2 statues. Gentle Giant’s oft-delayed R2 statue is finally due to come out in the next few months, but it’ll be smaller. I’ll be interested to see how the paint job stacks up to this version.

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