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Jabba’s Palace Print by Jeffro Kilpatrick

August 6, 2012

I believe I first saw this piece as a t-shirt design on, but it’s no longer there. Since Redbubble’s shirts are rather expensive (and I don’t really wear T-shirts anyway) I contacted Jeffro to see if it was available as a print. It’s 12″x12″ and I’ll have to say the colors came out really nicely on the print — very vibrant. He actually made two different colors schemes. This is more of a night club-inspired scheme, but he also made a desert-inspired one that I don’t have. I just prefer the more vibrant colors of this version. I assume the inspiration for the lettering (and lack of apostrophe in “Jabbas”) comes from Caesars Palace hotel and casino in Las Vegas. It’s not completely the same (the “e” is a different style, for example), but it’s certainly close.

The version I have has the spelling of “Tatooine” corrected, although I thought “Tataooine” seemed kind of appropriate too. 😀


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