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Vintage Return of the Jedi Beach Towel by The Bibb Company

July 31, 2012

I’ve already posted about the other Return of the Jedi-themed beach towel that Bibb put out. That one was a bit more Jabba-centric, while this one seems more like a representation of the movie as a whole, with Jabba’s palace making up roughly a third of it. I didn’t break out the measuring tape for this one, but I assume it’s the same as the other towel — around 30″ wide by 58″ long.

The Jabba illustration they used is basically the same as the one on the other towel, but it has been drawn and colored in a rather different style. Many of the other illustrations are more or less identical to the ones Bibb used on their sheet set, but the Jabba on the sheets is completely different for some reason. Given their size, these towels are pretty difficult to display, but I’ve been folding them over a piece of cardboard and displaying just part of the art as a background to some of my display shelves.

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