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Return of the Jedi Stein by Dram Tree

July 18, 2012

Who would’ve thought there would be so many steins with Jabba on them? I’ve already posted about one with the original Return of the Jedi Jabba on it, and one with the CGI Jabba and Han Solo from the “Special Edition” of A New Hope. This one is a more general collage of characters from Return of the Jedi, although it does several Jabba-related scenes represented on it. On the front you can see Luke and Boba Fett from Jabba’s sail barge.

Jabba himself can be found on one side, along with Slave Leia and Bib Fortuna. It’s an altered version of the photo they used for their ROTJ Jabba stein, with the background (and C-3PO) removed.

The other side is mostly Endor-related, with ewoks and a biker scout taking center stage. I’ll have to say that I’m not very impressed by this piece compared to the other two steins I have (and I wasn’t crazy about those). In fact, I was surprised that they were all made by the same company, since this one seems rather different in style and quality. The photos don’t look very good on this one, in my opinion. The colors seem oddly washed out and they added some odd highlighting effects, like the orange line around the bike scout above. Plus, the photos seem kind of grainy and unclear, like a poor quality printout. Unlike the other steins, this one comes with a lid, but it seems to me to be of an inferior kind of metal and seems roughly made, so it actually cheapens the look rather than improving it.

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