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Funko Pop Jabba the Hutt Vinyl Bobble-head

July 7, 2012

I got the Funko Pop Gamorrean Guard figure for Christmas last year, and I like it fairly well even though I don’t really care for bobble-heads in general. Funko just recently released their Jabba the Hutt figure, so naturally I picked one up. It’s pretty cute overall, although there’s something a little odd — almost birdlike? — about the face. It’s a bit bigger than I had expected, although part of that is due to the fact that he doesn’t have a base like the other figures in the series.

Funko has a pretty impressive lineup of these figures going, with characters from a variety of licenses like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Disney, Hello Kitty and a lot more. I was surprised to find a pretty large selection of these at my local Barnes & Noble (although they didn’t have Jabba yet). I guess I’ll have to pick up their new Slave Leia as well…

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  1. walruspig permalink
    August 28, 2013 8:38 am

    Also recently got one of these from Barnes and Noble (being a bit of a Jabba obsessive), though I still struggle to find it cute. I think it’s those emotionless eyes… It didn’t ‘bobble’ as much as I expected either.

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