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Vintage Yak Face Figure by Kenner

May 13, 2012

I mentioned this guy in my post about the Yak Face mini-bust from Gentle Giant. The figure was originally going to be released in the US, but due to some production delays they scrapped those plans and in the end the figure was released mainly in Europe. In his book “1,000 Collectibles: Memorabilia and Stories From A Galaxy Far, Far Away,” Steve Sansweet told about buying clearance Yak Face figures in Europe for $2 apiece and selling them for $5. Nowadays a Yak Face figure in the package could go for a hundred times that or more.

While not truly “rare” in the sense that some figures are rare (you can pretty much always find multiple Yak Face figures on eBay), it has become known for its scarcity, which is one reason why it still commands high prices even out of the package. I put off getting one for a long time for this very reason, but I finally decided it was ridiculous to have a Jabba focus collection without a Yak Face, so I bit the bullet and bought a loose one from the UK. He’s got some paint rubs in a few places, but overall is in pretty decent shape. He’s a bit taller than most vintage figures and as you can probably tell looks a lot more like a camel than a yak. Still, there’s something kind of charming about him…

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