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Proof Sheet for Unproduced Return of the Jedi Photo Buttons by Adam Joseph

April 21, 2012

I recently posted about a store display for the Adam Joseph Return of the Jedi photo buttons. This is a proof sheet that would have been used as part of the production process for those buttons. It’s about 10.5″ by 12.25″. It’s not entirely clear if this was an alternate set of buttons that they considered making before settling on the ones that they actually produced, or if these were a second series that they were thinking of making. The fact that there are several duplicate buttons between this and the actual released series makes me think that these were alternate button designs that they decided to scrap in favor of the ones they did end up releasing, shown below. The buttons that are the same between the sets are in the same positions in both photos, to give you an idea of what changed.

The proof sheet designs would have been a lot more of a Jabba-centric series than the one they eventually did release. That one only had three characters from the palace (Jabba, Max Rebo, and a Gamorrean Guard). Here they have two shots of Jabba (one with Slave Leia), a closeup of Slave Leia, Salacious Crumb, Boba Fett from the battle over the Sarlacc pit, a different shot of Max Rebo than was used in the released series, and finally a shot of Beedo (Greedo’s cousin) with a jawa in the palace. While I like the prototype version because of all of the Jabba’s palace characters, I think a combination of the designs from the proof and the final designs might actually have been best.

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